About Us

Westall Primary School is situated on a nine hectare site shared with Westall Secondary College and Language Centre Annexe (post primary students only). The school is located in a residential and industrial area of Clayton. Currently there are around 224 students attending the school.


School Vision

A school only exists to meet the aspirations, needs and education of children.


At Westall Primary School we believe all students have the right to equal access to a high quality education.

Our community highly regards, encourages and sets expectations for lifelong learning.



At Westall Primary School we have a collaborative teaching and learning culture underpinned by an agreed view of personalised learning based on the premise of high expectations for all.


Westall Primary School is a community of lifelong learners composed of individuals with substantial potential. We highly value our rich community and the experiences each brings to our learning environment.


We believe all students have the right to equal access to a high quality education.


We place a high priority on developing the interpersonal and cooperative relationships that are necessary to make choices and engage with people.


We all take responsibility for shaping the direction of the school.


At Westall Primary School personalised learning involves students collaboratively negotiating curriculum, frequent cyclical assessment and feedback specific to their individual learning goals and preferred learning styles. They are actively involved in discussion of their learning and the setting of future goals that are regularly reviewed based on agreed evidence.


Authentic, meaningful curriculum is a focus of the school and includes explicit teaching, time for practice, real life experience and inquiry learning.


Students are provided with multiple ways to learn and develop attitudes, skills and knowledge that will equip them with the ability to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. They have an active role in creating their learning environments and use resources that support their personal learning.


All teachers have an expert level of knowledge of what to teach, how to teach and how students learn, and the unique needs of students with EAL (English as an Additional Language).


All teachers belong to Professional Learning Communities that drive curriculum delivery, assessment for teaching, and professional growth to improve student learning