Teaching & Learning


At Westall Primary School the staff are passionate about developing a love of reading and writing in our students. They use a range of structures and teaching strategies based high quality, researched instructional models; CAFE, Daily 5, Independent Reading and VCOP. Our classrooms and library are stocked with a range of picture story books, novels and information texts. We also have access to online reading through the Wushka reading program. During Literacy lessons students regularly meet with their teachers to discuss strategies to develop their reading and writing skills.


Across the whole school those students who need support in reading and writing benefit from small group instruction based on Fountas & Pinnell's Levelled Literacy Intervention program. Year 1 students can qualify for 1-1 support from our Reading Recovery teacher. 


Students who enter our school with no or limited English speaking abilities are supported by our EAL/D program where they build their vocabulary and early Literacy skills.



The Numeracy curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum and is divided into three domains; Number & Algebra, Statistics & Probability, and Measurement & Geometry.


Teachers cater for different learning styles by incorporating hands on materials, clear visual aids and mental computation tasks. ICT is embedded into our Numeracy curriculum with each class having access to ipads, netbooks, interactive televisions and a computer lab. Teachers use student results to create needs based groups to ensure that each student's learning needs are supported. 


We aim to foster a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and a love of learning in our students.



This play based curriculum is for students between Foundation and Year 2. The teachers in this team strategically plan and implement a range of learning experiences based on the Victorian Curriculum. These provocation areas align to the explicit teaching that is occurring during Literacy and Numeracy lessons, as well as providing opportunities for students to engage in learning about Science, Civics and Citizenship and History. Students are also given specific roles as a focus child, photographer or reporter and have tasks to complete in these roles which develop their skills of observation, questioning, reporting, and public speaking.



Year 3-6 students explore the Victorian Curriculum areas of Science, History, Humanities, Communication, Thinking Processes, Personal Learning, and Information Communication and Technology through an Inquiry model. During the Inquiry cycle students are scaffolded to explore a big idea or question through research and teacher directed tasks. Students choose how they will demonstrate their learning, which may mean that they produce an end result in the form of a website, video, poster, booklet, or model. During the Inquiry process students meet regularly with their teacher to review their learning and to identify future learning directions. 


Information Communication and Technology

ICT is embedded in all areas of learning at Westall Primary School as a tool to support student learning. Students are provided with a range of devices including laptops, netbooks, ipads, ipods, and interactive televisions. Lessons on cyber safety are taught across all levels and Year 3-6 students use Skooville to learn more about protecting themselves online.


Physical Education


Performing Arts


Visual Arts




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