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Foundation 2024 student transition afternoons start in Term 3 in October and November.

Bring your child in to experience school life so that they are ready for 2024. During the sessions students will:

  • Get to meet their teachers

  • Get to know there way around the school

  • Make friends

  • Do some fun learning activities

Session dates and time are below:

Please book in via the QR-code


Today as part of our book week program promoting reading in English and Traditional Languages we were privileged to hear Toltu Tufa share her amazing story!

Hailing from the vibrant community of Noble Park, Toltu Tufa's life story is an embodiment of resilience and achievement. Rising above challenges, she has blossomed into a revered TED Talks speaker and acclaimed author, captivating audiences with her compelling narratives of triumph. Toltu has sparked a revival in the Oromo language by writing and publishing the first children's books in the Oromo language, and that is just the start!

You can find more about her amazing story and journey here --


We welcome all prospective Foundation (Prep) students and their carers to our parent information session coming up soon at the Westal Community Hub - on Wednesday 6th September!


A curious, inspired and empowered community.

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