Our School

Key Strengths


  • Kinder, Primary and High School all together on one site.

  • New buildings for all classes

  • Close to Monash

  • Multicultural Community


Westall Primary School is situated on a nine hectare site shared with Westall Secondary College and Westall Language Centre Annexe, and the Westall Community Hub.

The school is located in a residential and industrial area of Clayton South.

The school buildings include newly completed facilities – 8 classroom Learning Centre, Gymnasium (STEM & Arts) and canteen facilities, and refurbished Administration.


Recently the school has entered into partnership with “Our Place” and has received DET funding for the next stage of the Westall Regeneration Project.


The multicultural nature of Westall provides many positive outcomes for the school community. Of our student population, 3% identify as Indigenous. Approximately one third of the student population continues to be drawn from the Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese and South East Asian communities. Students from India, Saudi Arabia and Africa account for another third, and students from the Pacific Islands constitute approximately 8% students in the multicultural community of Westall Primary School.


The current school enrolment is 226 which includes 18 International Students. DET and Kingston Council predict increased enrolments over the coming years.


Westall Primary School provides a progressive and dynamic teaching and learning environment through a shared pedagogical approach and a commitment to the development of all students.

The strengths of our school lie within the strong stable leadership, community and the highly professional staff who regard the needs of students as the priority.