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A message from our Principal...

Welcome to Westall Primary School – a school we are all immensely proud of.

I am honoured and privileged to be Acting Principal of such a vibrant, caring community of learning, and to work in collaboration with you all to achieve our goals.

Since 1961 Westall Primary School has been educating a diverse range of children and the community continues to celebrate and embrace our diversity. The school seeks to maintain a respect for each other’s beliefs and different cultural backgrounds which genuinely enlivens this community.

At the end of the 2019 school year, we officially moved in to our new classrooms, gymnasium, art room, music room, canteen and offices.

In 2020, the Victorian Government announced that Westall Primary is granted another $7.2 million to build Stage 2 of the ‘Westall Regeneration Project’. These funds will enable us to complete the entire rebuilding of our school to provide an environment conducive for 21st Century learning.

At Westall, our passionate teachers continually endeavour to improve and enhance a school that:

· Focuses on the development of the whole child

· Strives for the highest academic standards

· Reflects the qualities and worth of its community

· Differentiates the learning for each child

· Develops true partnerships that values each child and family


Our students work cooperatively and support each other in their learning and are encouraged to set goals and reflect upon their successes and achievements as well as their failures. There has been a sustained and clear focus on building a stimulating learning environment so that every child is engaged in high quality learning. There has been a clear focus on whole-school professional learning, coaching, and building teaching teams who effectively collaborate to ensure consistency of teaching and learning practice across the school. Our approach to positive behaviour is proactive, and centres on self-discipline, self-esteem and reflective processes, always building on strengths and choices.

I look forward to meeting with you in partnership of growing your children.



Sue Young



Phone: 9546 8964

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Westall Primary School is committed to Child Safety Standards ensuring that all students are safe at school.